Abundant Faith Family Church

23 North Central Street, East Bridgewater, Massachusetts - 02333
Sunday service starts at 10 AM and ends around 12 PM
Care for infants and young children during the service is provided

You've found the website for Abundant Faith Family Church, a family-oriented, Christ-centered gathering of believers. Welcome! We hope to see you in person soon!

Abundant Faith Family Church takes the word "family" in its title very seriously. We consider ourselves a family in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and promise that when you come in--whether rich or poor, finely dressed or in rags, clean or filthy, well-fed or hungry, holy or a sinner--we'll love you all the same, just like you're family.

Our pastor's name is Scott Whynock.

Our Beliefs

Abundant Faith Family Church is evangelical and non-denominational. We hold to the absolute, infallible authority of the sixty-six canonical books of God's Holy Word. Therefore we believe that Jesus Christ is the only Way, the only Truth, and the only Life and that no one comes to the Father except through faith in him. We look forward to his second coming!

We also believe that both the supernatural gifts and power of the Holy Spirit are still very much active in the world today, though we in no way see those who employ such gifts and power as especially favored by God, or even necessarily in right-standing with him.

Abundant Faith holds to no specific English translation of the Scriptures, believing that there is no perfect English translation. We believe that every translation has its own positives and negatives. That said, the translations employed most are the King James Version, the Holman Christian Standard Bible (2009/10), the New Living Translation (Second Edition, 2007), the New American Standard Bible (Updated Edition, 1995), and the New King James Version.

News / Messages

October 25, 2014 ~

The Healing Class we had today went great! The next one is currently in the process of being scheduled.

Remember the upcoming Christmas Meal on Sunday, December 14. See "Special Events" below. Also remember that the Coffeehouse this month will take place on the SECOND Friday of November, and there will be no Healing Service in November.

October 19, 2014 ~

The Coffeehouse (see "Regular Events" below) will be held on the second Friday of November (the 14th) rather than the usual third, in anticipation of Thanksgiving.

Some special events have been posted below in the "Special Events" section. We look forward to seeing you!

Thanks to our anonymous web hosting provider for keeping us online all the time !

Our Events

Regular events:

Bible Study. Every Tuesday night at 7pm we meet for discussion of the Word and what it means to live as a follower of Jesus Christ. Newcomers welcome!

Coffeehouse. On the third Friday of each month we have an evening of praise, worship and fellowship led by Christian folk singer/songwriter John Polce. There is no charge for attendance. It begins at 7pm and ends sometime between 9pm and 10pm. Food, drink and of course coffee are all provided and free. At the end of each evening Pastor Scott and his wife Judy, along with a few leading members of the church, anoint with oil and pray over anyone who wishes to receive prayer. Come expecting a miracle, because we've had some! [For the month of November the Coffeehouse will take place on the SECOND Friday.]

Healing Service. On the first Friday of each month, starting at 7pm, we have an evening of praise, worship and healing. Pastor Scott and his wife Judy, along with a few leading members of the church, anoint with oil and pray over anyone who wishes to receive prayer. Our Offshore VPS are the ideal solution for your growing business. Use your own Webserver Configuration, PHP.ini files and your own modules to create your own custom virtual hosting environment. As with the Coffeehouse above, come expecting a miracle because one just might happen! [For the month of November there will be no Healing Service. It will be combined with the November Coffeehouse.]

Special events:

Christmas Meal. On Sunday, December 14, after church, there will be a free cooked meal in celebration of Christmas.

Our Ministries

Food Bank. At the moment we are engaged in collecting canned and other non-perishable foods for those in need.

Contact Information

Our email address: email@abundantfaithfc.com

Our mailing (and actual) address is 23 North Central Street, East Bridgewater, Massachusetts - 02333

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